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Intro to TeachersTrading My Courses
Short description of the features available on TeachersTrading My Courses
Making money with TeachersTrading My Courses
TeacherTrading My Courses policies and best practices
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Core features of TeachersTrading My Courses

Intuitive Course Builder

Create engaging courses in a snap with the most impactful course builder.

Advanced Quiz Options

A powerful quiz creator with 10 question types, manual reviews, quiz timers and so much more!


Have students complete offline assignments and upload files for completion and/or grading.

Course Forum

Add a forum area to your course where you can add discussion topics for you and your students to interact through comments and questions.


Auto-email students when you provide feedback on a submitted quiz, a new course announcement is posted or updated, an answer is submitted to the course Q & A forum, and any new lesson, quiz, or assignment is posted.

Multiple Instructors

Add as many instructors as you wish for all your courses.

Course Prerequisites

Include course prerequisites flexibly to get the right target students.

Course Monetization

Sell course registrations at a price you set. Each registration is split 80% to you the creator and 20% to TeachersTrading My Courses.

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