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Basic Communication Skills I

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Communication skills are a crucial asset both for professional and social use, and this course offers the perfect opportunity to build those skills in an accessible manner.

Communication skills I (the first part of this course) is designed to teach how to communicate effectively in the English language. Each lesson is well-structured and thought-out to equip learners with the necessary knowledge and practical application of this language.

The course focuses on teaching the key elements of effective communication that are usually overlooked, the four basic skills involved in communication,  modes and media of communication, barriers of communication, and humor in communication.

By taking up this course, you will be able to hone your communication expertise and experience a great improvement in your ability to communicate in English confidently.

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What Will You Learn?

  • In this course, you will learn:
  • - What basic communication is about
  • - The three elements involved in communication
  • - The skills required for effective communication
  • - Means and modes of communication
  • - Channels and Media of Communication
  • - Barriers to communication
  • - Humor in Communication
  • - To communicate effectively with your friends and family too!

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Communication Skills I
Communication Skills I explains: * the process of transmitting information, * the means and modes of communication * the channels and media of communication * the barriers to communication * humor in communication.

Means and Media of Communication
This lesson discusses the different ways a message is passed from the sender to the receiver. It also covers the forms involved in transmitting a message.

Barriers to communication
This topic discusses some factors that hinder effective communication between the sender and the receiver.

Humor in Communication
Humor is a valuable and effective tool in communication. This is discussed in this topic.

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