Chemistry Videos With Interactive Reinforcement

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Chemistry videos with interactive reinforcement.

College and high school chemistry can be daunting subjects to tackle, with their complex concepts and extensive curriculum. However, interactive videos have emerged as an invaluable tool for students seeking a deeper understanding of these subjects. In this age of digital learning, interactive chemistry videos offer a host of advantages that make the learning process more accessible and effective.

Rewatch Instruction at Your Own Pace: One of the significant advantages of interactive chemistry videos is the ability to rewatch instructions at your own pace. Unlike traditional classroom settings where you have to keep up with the teacher’s pace, interactive videos allow you to pause, rewind, and rewatch any part of the lesson as many times as necessary. This feature is especially helpful when trying to grasp intricate chemical reactions, equations, and concepts that might require multiple viewings for complete comprehension.

Chemistry videos with Closed Captions If Needed: Chemistry is a subject filled with specific terminology and symbols. Sometimes, students may struggle to follow along due to language barriers or hearing impairments. Interactive chemistry videos often come equipped with closed captions, making it easier for a diverse audience to understand and engage with the content. These captions provide a textual representation of the spoken words, ensuring that no one is left behind in their pursuit of chemical knowledge.

Test Your Understanding with Embedded Questions: Interactive videos take the learning experience a step further by including embedded questions within the content. These questions allow you to actively test your comprehension of the material as you progress through the video. This engagement helps reinforce your understanding and retention of the information. It also enables immediate feedback, so you can identify areas where you may need further clarification.

But the advantages of interactive chemistry videos don’t stop there. offers a unique platform where you can not only access these valuable video resources but also participate in discussions and forums related to the subject. This feature allows students to connect with their peers, ask questions, compare their work, and even provide assistance to others. Collaborative learning is a proven method for reinforcing understanding and retaining information. By helping others, you also deepen your comprehension and reinforce your own learning.

These interactive video lessons were specifically designed to serve as reinforcement for key chemistry concepts typically taught in high school or college. While some of these concepts are more emphasized in advanced chemistry courses, the video series aims to be accessible to all students studying chemistry. Whether you’re an introductory high school student or a more advanced college or AP chemistry student, these videos can provide valuable support.

The lessons themselves were created using the open-source program H5P, hosted by, and integrated into This approach reflects a commitment to making quality educational resources accessible to a broad audience. The videos were meticulously recorded using OBS and edited with Shotcut, both open-source programs that emphasize community-driven, collaborative development. The choice of open-source tools highlights the commitment to providing educational resources that are accessible and cost-effective.

The interactive chemistry videos whiteboard, crucial for explaining complex concepts in chemistry, was achieved using a Wacom tablet. This tablet essentially functions as a digital canvas for the instructor, allowing for dynamic and visually engaging explanations. The program employed for the whiteboard functionality is OneNote, an integral part of a Microsoft account. This choice aligns with the effort to use widely accessible tools for teaching.

To ensure clear communication and high-quality recording, a FHD 1080p Nexigo webcam was used, coupled with a Blue Yeti microphone. These tools collectively enhance the overall viewing experience, ensuring that students can see and hear the instructor’s explanations without any hindrance.

The instructor, Andrew McLaren, brings a wealth of experience to these lessons. With over seven years of classroom teaching experience and a track record of successful tutoring, he is well-equipped to guide students through the intricacies of chemistry. His unique perspective comes from years of working with diverse learners, allowing him to consolidate the most useful tips and insights for students seeking to understand and solve complex chemistry problems.

In conclusion, interactive chemistry videos offered by are designed to empower students of all levels to master the subject. They provide the flexibility to revisit lessons, cater to diverse learning needs through closed captions, and encourage active learning through embedded questions. The collaborative platform further enhances the learning experience. Backed by a commitment to open-source tools and facilitated by an experienced instructor, these videos are a valuable resource for anyone striving to gain a deep understanding of chemistry, whether you’re a high school student embarking on your chemistry journey or a college student looking to reinforce your foundation and achieve mastery.

These chemistry videos are available in non interactive formats on my Youtube channel here:

How to Draw Chemicals from Formulas

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